Cash Bonus for Professional Clients

  1. To qualify for this Cash Bonus Offer you need to:
    Have an existing live Trading account with ayondoPRO or open a new Trading account with ayondPRO; and
    Make a new deposit of at least £/€5,000 between 21st June 2019 and 30th September 2019 (the Offer Period),
  2. To register for this Offer email with your full name and account number, stating that you would like to register for this Offer. Upon verification, we will credit your account with a Cash Bonus of up to 25% of your initial qualifying deposit.
  3. The amount credited will be set as follows:

    Initial Deposit between £/€5,000 and £/€9,999.99 = 10%
    Initial Deposit between £/€10,000 and £/€14,999.99 = 15%
    Initial Deposit between £/€15,000 and £/€24,999.99 = 20%
    Initial Deposit above £/€25,000 = 25%

    The maximum amount credited cannot be greater than £/€25,000.
  4. The Cash Bonus can only be withdrawn from the account once the accumulated spread paid on all trades placed from the time the Cash Bonus is credited into your account exceeds 3 times the Cash Bonus amount.

    For example:
    If you deposit £10,000 and are subsequently awarded with a £1,500 Cash Bonus, you will only be able to withdraw this once you have placed trades resulting in spread paid of greater than £4,500.

  5. From the date the Cash Bonus is credited into your account, if at any time your account is inactive (meaning no trades placed on your account) for a period longer than four weeks, we will deduct the Cash Bonus from your account.
  6. If at any time prior to clearing your Cash Bonus as detailed in condition 4 you withdraw or partially withdraw your initial deposit, we will reduce your Cash Bonus in proportion to your withdrawal. For example, if you initially deposit £/€10,000 to receive a £/€1,500 Cash Bonus and you subsequently make a withdrawal of £/€ 5,000, we will reduce your Cash Bonus by 50% or £/€ 750.
  7. In the event that a withdrawal takes your balance below a threshold that would reduce the percentage amount of Cash Bonus that you would qualify for, we will reduce your Cash Bonus to this level. In the example above, the Cash Bonus would be reduced to £/€500, this being 10% of your balance.
  8. The Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer. The Offer may only be taken up against your main trading account, we reserve the right not to credit the Cash Bonus into additional account(s). The Offer may only be taken up once per household. This Offer cannot be used by family or friends
  9. Spread paid is calculated on the basis of ayondoPRO standard 'in-hours' spreads
  10. Accumulated spread paid is calculated after subtracting any spread rebates that may be paid to you as an ayondoPRO client.

    For Example:
    If you trade £10 per point or 1 contract on the UK 100 Rolling which has a 1 point spread during market hours, the total spread generated on a round trip would be £10. As an ayondoPRO client you are entitled to receive a minimum of 10% as a spread rebate. This means that the total spread that you have paid is in fact only 0.9 points or £9 for the total round trip.
    Therefore the total spread accumulated towards the clearance of the Cash Bonus is only £9.

  11. ayondoPRO is the sole arbiter of the Offer and reserves the right to alter, amend, extend or foreclose the Offer at any time without prior notice. We will notify you of any changes to the Offer and/or its conditions by updating out website and we recommend that you check our website regularly for such updates.
  12. ayondoPRO reserves the right to withhold payment of any profits made by a client using this Offer if we believe that the spirit of this Offer is being abused or irregular Trading patterns are observed. ayondo markets will resolve any disputes whether or not covered by these conditions in a fair and appropriate manner, and its decision will be final.

ayondoPRO is a trading name of ayondo markets Limited. ayondo markets Limited, 10th Floor, Linen Court, 10 East Road, London N1 6AD. ayondo markets Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA Register number 184333.